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AlleyOop VariableBounce Round Trampoline

AlleyOop Sports® 12ft and 14ft VariableBounce™ Trampoline Systems • Complete Single-Bed Unitized Systems including our safest patented Triple-Fail-Safe™ Enclosure.

A $320 SAVINGS! (Limited Time Offer)

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Unitized Systems, including our safest patented Triple-Fail-Safe™ enclosure. Our patented VariableBounce™ technology is an elegantly simple innovation that helps optimize the shock absorption rate and the bounce performance of the trampoline.

During a bounce, the VariableBounce™ System engages the springs asynchronously; a portion of the springs start to engage immediately when the jumper lands and the remaining springs engage a split-second later. Like an airbag in a car, this extra split second of time makes a big difference – especially during an awkward landing – because it allows a jumper to absorb impact forces more slowly and gradually throughout the body.

Decelerating or stopping the falling jumper more slowly puts less stress on the body, less stress on the jumper’s knees, back, etc. The jumper’s body absorbs less of the fall energy so the springs absorb more and this results in a better return bounce.

Bottom line, you get a smoother, more forgiving landing, and a better, higher return bounce.

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